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Building And Expanding

your company or startup

We believe in successful go to market execution is key to revenue growth.

We can help to deliver necessary resources and tools in

building, expanding and growing business performance.

Our consultants focus on the concept of “falling in love with your problem” approach. BLC Group consultants developed over the years a unique set of skills and industry-proven track records tailored in providing a precision solution to our clients.

Together, BLC group harvest over 30 plus years of experience in unique areas to help propelled small and medium sizes businesses to the next stage of their business cycle.

Our clients are with us from start to finish on an average of 5 years since BLC Group inception.

With over 2,000 and counting business cases, business plan drafted for clients and hundreds of projects completed in the books

25 +




Build A Strategy That Puts your startup or Small Business in Positive Cash flow in year one.

Every business is different and at BLC group, we understand the custom solution is a key driver for our client success. Business owners often require a project to start making revenue and can be seasonal or volatile. We offer services that firmly focus on being involved in your projects at any stage and for any amount of effort required. BLC group also offer in-person one-on-one consulting and coaching on any aspect of business at any stage. With our cost model, consulting is no longer a barrier for business owners but rather a necessary resource.

  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Plan & Grants and Loans
  • Business Registration

Marketing can not work without analytics

We believe in successful go to market execution is key to revenue growth. We can help you to deliver your business or startup awareness in engagement business performance.

Market Expansion

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing your business requirements. We are an adaptive consultancy firm that only custom-tailored solution that aligns with your business needs and vision

Best in Class AI and Technology to Give You Competitive Advantage

We understand that your business may be faced with changes in growth, economic demands to the industry and often your current IT infrastructure has limitations, which is preventing your business from taking full advantage of improvements and efficiency in technology. This can cause your business to face the possibility of decreasing sales revenues, growth and having a lack of competitive advantage. BLC Group can develop an IT solution for your business to continue to gain competitive advantage by having BLC group as a partner and not just a third-party outsourcer.

How Can I Help You

Your results are our top priority!

Accounting & Bookkeeping

BLC Group provides full cycle bokeeping services for startups, small businesses, self employed and high networth indiviusals. We offer services in Quickbooks, Sales Forces, ERP systems or Shoe boxes

Business and Self Employed Tax Filing

We offer Small business, self employed, T4 and contractors tax filing. We provide full CRA representation and HST tax filing, Payroll Services and CRA case challenges on client’s behalf.

Incorporation and Business Registration

We offer Canada Incorporation, Provincial incorporation, CRA business number registration, HST registration, Non-profit registration and Charity registration. We offer business license registration and permit services for businesses.

Our Services

We provide the best services

Either to better understand your business competitive edge, applying for a loan or putting your ideas on paper, a business plan is often time a good leverage and asset to have.

Small business tax filing, Corporates tax filing, self employed, commissions only including real-estate agents, Not For Profit and Charity Organizations tax preparation and filing. HST filing and HITC on new builds .

Using technology to advance and stay competitive for your business is what we are expert in. We offer marketing and other IT solution that fits every budget

Business owners do not often know where to start or how to begin to write a for many reasons including the lack of resources. Because your business is like a child that needs 24/7 attention, it is difficult to step away and do other things..

full bookkeeping using various software including Quickbooks Full system integration services We offer Small business to corporation and self employed book keeping. Very affordable rates

We have expertise in both federal and provincial grants for startups, small businesses and expansion grants. IRAP and SR&ED specialist. Provide assistance with other private grants and bank financing .

We have clients in a wide range of diverse background throughout all major provinces in Canada. Our consultants understand and first-hand witness adversity, challenges (expected and unexpected), mistakes and success for minority business owners and entrepreneurs. 

We can help navigate, provide options and create opportunities when the competition sees chaos and failure. Contact us today for a no-fee hassle-free consultation. We are with you every step of the way.

How Can I Help You

Giving Smartness To

your Business

Business Planning

By focusing on the everyday entrepreneur and small business owner, we understanding the real-time situation and provide the right fit solution for your idea and business. We have experience and practice in the following areas:

  • Risk Management
  • Financing
  • Expansions
  • Tax Mitigation
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technology

Consulting Services

We understand that owning a small business can be rewarding, however unexpected and expected cost also becomes a burden. Business legal advice is no exception and can be the costliest aspect of running your business. Do not panic. Have a piece of mind and let us handle all the legal work for you while coaching you through the process at a fraction of the cost of any business law firm. Understanding the competitive landscape of any business cycle, we offer a wide range of service with pricing model to fit every business owner which includes:

  • Startup
  • Business plan to Launch
  • Real-estate investment
  • Tax planning
  • Small business growth
  • Dispute resolution

Strategy Buildup

If you don’t know your numbers, then all else fails. The single most important thing in your business aside from your product/service offering, is the numbers. You don’t need to be a Quan (numbers person) to understand how to take more in than you send out to realize profit. This is the core of Bottom Line Consulting Group and that is to work with business owners to protect their bottom line while educating in the simplest format.

  • Retail
  • Not for Profits
  • Restaurants
  • Laundromats
  • Solans & Barbershops
  • Franchises

With Respect To Each Customer

We Appreciate Clients

And Their Business


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