We understand that owning a small business can be rewarding, however unexpected and expected cost also becomes a burden. Business legal advice is no exception and can be the costliest aspect of running your business. Do not panic. Have a piece of mind and let us handle all the legal work for you while coaching you through the process at a fraction of the cost of any business law firm. Understanding the competitive landscape of any business cycle, we offer a wide range of service with pricing model to fit every business owner which includes:

  • Demand letters
  • Collection and court filing for businesses
  • Business contract review and redlines
  • Vendor engagement, partnerships, mergers, sales and acquisition
  • Contract drafting for clients’ engagement, employee, vendor or real estate.
  • Articles of Incorporation registration, business registration
  • Tax planning and restructuring
  • Risk Management and around the clock consulting.
  • In person negotiations and legal strategic advice.
  • Employment and business law
  • Business Plans + Government Grants

Either to better understand your business competitive edge, applying for a loan or putting your ideas on paper, a business plan is often time a good leverage and asset to have. Business owners do not often know where to start or how to begin to write a plan for many reasons including the lack of time. Because your business is like a child that needs 24/7 attention, it is difficult to step away and do other things. We offer a range of:

  • Full/part business plan writing
  • Financial and accounting plan
  • Strategic plans, estimates and proposals
  • Government grant application assistance
  • Loan documents