Every business is different and at BLC group, we understand the custom solution is a key driver for our client success. Business owners often require a project to start making revenue and can be seasonal or volatile. We offer services that firmly focus on being involved in your projects at any stage and for any amount of effort required. BLC group also offer in-person one-on-one consulting and coaching on any aspect of business at any stage. With our cost model, consulting is no longer a barrier for business owners but rather a necessary resource. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Strategy & Leadership
Hedgehog or Fox? These are some of the key questions you ask yourself when considering a strategy in any given situation of your business. The right strategy at the right time will create the expected results you aim to achieve and sustain your business year after year with steady growth. A strategy is the underpinning on identifying the part of the business’s characteristic and culture which will eventually differentiate your business from the competition. This is one of BLC’s strongest feature and we set to challenge the status-quo in order crate and implement the “right-fit” strategy to maximize growth opportunity and the bottom line. If you already have a strategy but further clarity or get a second option; or if you are starting off or need to restructure your strategy to be adaptive to today’s landscape, please contact us today.

Manage ideas and projects, lead people. Contact us today to learn more about approaches to leadership and how to drive business results through your people.

Sales & Marketing
Your client is a key factor in the success of your business attracting new clients and retaining existing ones’ is a challenging and arduous task even for salespeople. Without a healthy budget to spend on advertising and marketing, it seems impossible to properly break-out in the market. This is an obstacle much small business owner encounter especially minority owners. We are here to help.