Why Choose Us To Consult For Your Startup Or Small Business?

Our consultants focus on the concept of “falling in love with your problem” approach. BLC Group consultants developed over the years a unique set of skills and industry-proven track records tailored in providing a precision solution to our clients.

Together, BLC group harvest over 30 plus years of experience in unique areas to help businesses to the next stage of their business

Our clients are with us from start to finish on an average of 5 years since BLC Group inception and satisfaction with the results

With over 2,000 and counting business cases, business plan drafted for clients and hundreds of projects completed in the books

Consulting Services

We understand that owning a small business can be rewarding, however unexpected and expected cost also becomes a burden.

We Provide The Best Services

Build A Strategy That Puts Your Startup Or Small Business In Positive Cash Flow In Year One.

Every business is different and at BLC group, we understand the custom solution is a key driver for our client success. Business owners often require a project to start making revenue and can be seasonal or volatile. We offer services that firmly focus on being involved in your projects at any stage and for any amount of effort required. BLC group also offer in-person one-on-one consulting and coaching on any aspect of business at any stage. With our cost model, consulting is no longer a barrier for business owners but rather a necessary resource.

Your Results Are Our Top Priority!

Accounting & Bookkeeping

BLC Group provides full cycle bokeeping services for startups, small businesses, self employed and high networth indiviusals. We offer services in Quickbooks, Sales Forces, ERP systems or Shoe boxes

Business Tax Filing

We offer Small business, self employed, T4 and contractors tax filing. We provide full CRA representation and HST tax filing, Payroll Services and CRA case challenges on client’s behalf.

Business Registration

We offer Canada Incorporation, Provincial incorporation, CRA business number registration, HST registration, Non-profit registration and Charity registration. Business license registration .

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