BLC is a group of past business owners and entrepreneurs who've made all the mistakes, seen all the struggles and turned each situation into an opportunity. Our consultants focus on the concept of "falling in love with your problem" approach. BLC Group consultants developed over the years a unique set of skills and industry-proven track records tailored in providing a precision solution to our clients. We use a range of real-time data analyst, new market innovation, adaptive strategy and applying economic trends to current business model and conditions to drive required results. First, we do a bottom-up analyst of your business to understand the characteristics, cycle, barriers and operating rhythm to create a more accurate and precise recommendation.

Together, BLC group harvest over 30 plus years of experience in unique areas to help propelled small and medium sizes businesses to the next stage of their business cycle. We have clients in a wide range of diverse background throughout all major provinces in Canada. Our consultants understand and first-hand witness adversity, challenges (expected and unexpected), mistakes and success for minority business owners and entrepreneurs. We can help navigate, provide options and create opportunities when the competition sees chaos and failure. Contact us today for a no-fee hassle-free consultation. We are with you every step of the way.