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About BLC Group

Who we are: We are a group of past business owners and entrepreneurs with background in IT, Finance, Operation, Business Law, Project Management and venture capitalist that either owned or operate and consult in small businesses and start-ups. We have gain a great deal of success over the years with a combine 30 plus years of experience in various industries and discipline. We are just like you, the everyday business owner that operate and own a small business. Our founding members decided that the best way to create prosperity, sustainability and growth in our community is through the most important element, and that is through the succession of Canada small business. Canada small business represent over 90% of jobs and economic growth, however minimal attention or lack of resources are available to the everyday business owner. So the group of us who own various consulting firms, IT firms, franchises and other startups, join forces together; harness all our resources, capabilities and trade craft to be a servant to our community small business and entrepreneurs.

BLC Group understands all the level of business challenges, success factors and more importantly, innovative approach and solution in today’s landscape. We are a group of diverse background operating in countries including Canada, USA, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. We create platforms in global trade, and international strategy to gain competitive advantage for Canadian small business not only to strive but to keep ahead without breaking the bank. We believe in the direct teaching and development of small business owners, so that they can self-sustain and growth their business to the next stage and not be dependent on outside resources. We equip each business owner with the training, tools and resources to reach the stratosphere of growth both self and in business. We also believe it is BLC Group duty and obligation to leave each client in a much better place vs. the time of our engagement. We believe that a sound relationship, trust, integrity, transparency, and honesty is the forefront of any partnership with our client and that means more than money to us. If we cannot help you in any way, we will not take your money nor waste your time. Our purpose is to guide each business owner and deliver the exact result and outcome we promise.

Our Promise to you: We will never overcharge, we will deliver on our promise to you, always. We will provide consistent high level service from start to finish and assign only qualified consultants that can get the job done. Most consulting and law firms use junior associates and charges you at a senior rate after the first meeting. This practice is common where you the business owner suffers a great deal in service level and high cost. We will break away from any unfair traditional practice where we provide honest and transparent services to you at a fix rate across our disciplines. This means we will charge you the same rate for legal advice as to financial and IT. This is our promise to you.

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